We live on a wonderful planet. For many of us, being outdoors — hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, skiing, fishing, camping or just connecting with nature — is very important.

If you love nature and you’re just enjoying the most beautiful outdoor place, it can be rather disturbing to be confronted with a serious environmental issue: litter. Aluminium cans, plastic packaging, cigarette butts. Those things really don’t belong in nature.

You want to do something about it? Actually, that’s rather easy but not particularly thrilling. Besides don’t being a litterbug yourself and encouraging others to treat mother nature well too, you can simply start to carry a few bin bags and an old working glove and pick that nasty litter up on the go.

So much for theory.

In practice, very few people actually do that. Many people are annoyed when discovering litter in nature. Only a few of them are indeed willing to clean up the trash somebody else left. Of those, only a few will have brought the necessary tools.

Our very goal is to motivate people to bring the tools necessary to pick up litter and we call such a set of things a “trashkit”. A collection of items that will help you feel comfortable picking up litter. There are kits for many things: first aid kits, fishing kits, sewing kits. You can think of a trashkit as a first aid kit for mother nature.

A trashkit is no standardized product, but rather a concept. It might contain some plastic bin bags or a cloth bag, working gloves, a picking stick or tong, hand sanitization, etc.

By bringing a trashkit, the idea of picking up trash stops to be a noble, faraway idea and becomes a real opportunity for action — it's a wonderful thing to help nature.